Thursday, October 1, 2009


I was really shocked at the begining of the film, specially when the boy came out, and he showed his scars and where he was stabbed. Is incredible to see that this still exists now in the modern time. It will have not be a shocked event if you hear these kinds of news 60 years ago. But hearing this now it totally draws a national media attention. But it gets me upset that after this crime event, instead of the community coming together, there were more racism against the undocumented mexicans. But even with all the community resistence am glad too that they created Human Solidity Association group. Also that they continue with their jobs and still continue to achieve the "American Dream" and send the money to their loves ones, even if no resolution was made. This film really shows about who really controls the American dream, and who could share it also.


Gracey Silva said...

I think discrimination to others unlike yourself will never stop, people may try to keep re-enforncing the law but there will always be people out there who are stupid enough to commit these crimes.

Adams said...

Jeannete, don't be shocked, in Russia last year, 98 non-russians were killed be the Russian citizens, and this year (2009), 48 have been killed so far (source: CNN). Racism is everywhere and the people of farmville never considered the fact that some Mexicans are less privilege have families to take care of in Mexico. I don't even know how many times german kids picked on me and called me nigger when i was little.