Thursday, November 19, 2009

Research Thesis Paragraph

Many countries has been influenced by the United States and in the end this kind of influence had become an imperial power. In Ecuador the United States has used their power to change Ecuador currency which means their economic plan, they has intervene in their military power and also has been involve back in the 1940's in Ecuador's labor movement. The United States motivation in this country has been the easy access of Ecuador's air base that is located on the peak of the Pacifc Coast. Another reason for their motivation is the resources that Ecuador brings to the world and that is one way where the U.S. could take advantage from their former money currency. In Ecuador, president Rafael Correa has responded to their economic plan and has tried to change it, the people in the city of Manta has been affected by the U.S military base, and many Mayors has change policies to control the situation. The debates that have taken place about this relationship with Ecuador has been the challenges that Rafael Correa has taken to get rid of the World Bank and the IMF, and also the lease of the U.S military base. As you could see this kind of intervention in Ecuador economy and military power could show how the United States is an imperial country that has control Ecuador and many other countries.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Research Brainstorm


Why are you interested in this country and its relationship to the U.S.?
- I am interested in this country because I was born here and I don't know much of the relationship between this countries. The little information that I know comes from the news, but the news usually doesn't cover the whole conflict. So I want to learn from this research project and be able to identify their relationship.

What has struck you about its history and relationship to the United States from our readings, and from other knowledge and experience you may have?
-What has struck me the most is definitely the military base that was on my city Manta. I didn't know that it was there and specially that it was a some sort of control from the U.S. Also was has struck me that the president Rafael Correa is opposed to the ideas of neoliberalism.
I thought he was not against the type of system that the U.S has.

Based on your reading and knowledge so far, do you think the U.S.'s relationship with this country supports the thesis "The United States is an imperial power"?
-Yes, based on my readings and the information that I have gotten so far, the U.S. does have an imperial power over Ecuador and it has been a recent conflict between this two countries.

What dont you know that you want to find out?
-The things that I don't know and that I want to find out is how the military base was introduce and when did this plan and sort of system began? How the people in my city has been affected and what they have done? Also does this comes in to conflict with the country military base and airland?

Our Brand is Crisis

In the film "Our Brand is Crisis" and in the chapter "Latin America in Revolt" the accusations given to these leaders in my opinion means that a leader like Morales is a person that listens to his people, he came from a civil movement group and he knows what his people wants and needs. If the people wants justice, he is there to support them. The specific policies that these charges are based on is that he didn't want to privatize oil, he wanted to nationalized it. But U.S. politicians think that what he is doing is wrong and this could hurt the people, specially the poor. But Morales knows what he is doing and of course these fears are justified, specially by the U.S. because they believe in privatization and globalization.

Revision Brainstorm

What is my thesis?
-McDonald's has started to be a representing icon for the U.S. nation. It could be considered an appropriate symbol of the United States

If I hadn't written this, would I have convinced myself of this thesis? What would I be skeptical about?
- If I hadn't written this I would say that it doesn't make sense. Yes, you could tell it would be about McDonald's and being a U.S. symbol but not exactly what I intended to write

Does my evidence support my thesis?
- Yes, I do think my evidence support my thesis. But I have to work on my quotations, making sense and on language clarity.

Where am I being vague?
-Whenever I write a citation, is hard for me to introduce it. I know how to explain it but I think am not doing it the right way, so in the end it doesn't make sense.

Where is my reader confused?
- I know I have some fragments sentences and probably my readers will be confused by this

What have I left out?
- I don't think I have anything left out, I think I have enough evidence and enough supports from some of the course texts. But, I really need to work on explaining my texts so the reader could definetely understand it.

How can I make what I'm saying more interesting?
- It needs to be more clear

What parts of the text(s) are important that I haven't dealt with?
- I know that I have written a lot from Fast Food Nation. I think I need to deal more with the Life and Debt film.