Thursday, November 19, 2009

Research Thesis Paragraph

Many countries has been influenced by the United States and in the end this kind of influence had become an imperial power. In Ecuador the United States has used their power to change Ecuador currency which means their economic plan, they has intervene in their military power and also has been involve back in the 1940's in Ecuador's labor movement. The United States motivation in this country has been the easy access of Ecuador's air base that is located on the peak of the Pacifc Coast. Another reason for their motivation is the resources that Ecuador brings to the world and that is one way where the U.S. could take advantage from their former money currency. In Ecuador, president Rafael Correa has responded to their economic plan and has tried to change it, the people in the city of Manta has been affected by the U.S military base, and many Mayors has change policies to control the situation. The debates that have taken place about this relationship with Ecuador has been the challenges that Rafael Correa has taken to get rid of the World Bank and the IMF, and also the lease of the U.S military base. As you could see this kind of intervention in Ecuador economy and military power could show how the United States is an imperial country that has control Ecuador and many other countries.


Prof. T. said...

Hi Jeanette -

This is a great thesis paragraph and a great start - think about how you'll develop and support this in the paragraphs that follow. Do pay attention to langauge at all stages - try reading this paragraph aloud and notice what changes this leads you to make.

Anonymous said...

Fist off, nice back ground luvs it! Next, great paragraph, just know you gonna get 100 :)