Thursday, December 3, 2009

Begining Paragraphs

Ecuador a little small country in the Pacific Coast of South America. Approximately 3,000 miles away from the United States. It officially gained their independence on May, 13, 1830 from the Grand Colombia. Ecuador is mainly know by their natural resources and major exportation. Some of their recognized natural resources are oil, coal, and gold. Their major exportation's are shrimp, fish, banana, plantains, coffee, and cocoa beans. Even if they are known for their natural resources and exportation, it is also known by their touristic places like the Galapagos Islands, "Mitad del Mundo" (Middle of the World), the Amazon jungles, the Andean Volcanoes, tropical forests, and beaches. Ecuador could be a little small country in South America, but is diverse in almost every way, and that's what makes Ecuadorean unique and what has always fascinated large countries, visitors, and students.

Some of the origins of this particular relationship between U.S and Ecuador could come from the early twentieth century. Ecuador came to depend on U.S. imports, and the Unites States also became the leading purchaser of the various Ecuadorian exports. It historically has served the United States as a supplier of raw material. But besides exporting materials, it has also been a site for important military bases, and as a voting supporter for U.S. positions in world and regional organizations.