Monday, November 2, 2009

Our Brand is Crisis

In the film "Our Brand is Crisis" and in the chapter "Latin America in Revolt" the accusations given to these leaders in my opinion means that a leader like Morales is a person that listens to his people, he came from a civil movement group and he knows what his people wants and needs. If the people wants justice, he is there to support them. The specific policies that these charges are based on is that he didn't want to privatize oil, he wanted to nationalized it. But U.S. politicians think that what he is doing is wrong and this could hurt the people, specially the poor. But Morales knows what he is doing and of course these fears are justified, specially by the U.S. because they believe in privatization and globalization.


Blank Girls said...

do you think that if the people want the change to nationalize oil even if they seay its dangerous and a very bad idea , do you think they should at least have the right to do that? i mean if morales has the support of the nation then i think its a good enough choice to nationalize their energy resources... i seemed to have worked anyway and besides its not like they are doing so much better with privatization. just sometihng that occured to me while watching the film.