Monday, November 2, 2009

Revision Brainstorm

What is my thesis?
-McDonald's has started to be a representing icon for the U.S. nation. It could be considered an appropriate symbol of the United States

If I hadn't written this, would I have convinced myself of this thesis? What would I be skeptical about?
- If I hadn't written this I would say that it doesn't make sense. Yes, you could tell it would be about McDonald's and being a U.S. symbol but not exactly what I intended to write

Does my evidence support my thesis?
- Yes, I do think my evidence support my thesis. But I have to work on my quotations, making sense and on language clarity.

Where am I being vague?
-Whenever I write a citation, is hard for me to introduce it. I know how to explain it but I think am not doing it the right way, so in the end it doesn't make sense.

Where is my reader confused?
- I know I have some fragments sentences and probably my readers will be confused by this

What have I left out?
- I don't think I have anything left out, I think I have enough evidence and enough supports from some of the course texts. But, I really need to work on explaining my texts so the reader could definetely understand it.

How can I make what I'm saying more interesting?
- It needs to be more clear

What parts of the text(s) are important that I haven't dealt with?
- I know that I have written a lot from Fast Food Nation. I think I need to deal more with the Life and Debt film.